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DRT Wellness Services & Treatment

Positive self image and awareness aids in decreasing social anxiety and depression.

Our full range of products and services can be viewed below.

Full Body Infrared

Infrared sauna treatments are considered a healthy weight loss option. One can burn 400-600 calories in just one 30 minute session!
$55, 30-minute session
$90, 60-minute session


50% deposit of payment is required prior to appointment booking. Prices will vary depending on units needed
(average unit price is $10)

Laser Hair Removal

Sold in individual sessions or packages of 5. Prices are based on 5 sessions in the same area, scheduled in
4- to 6 week intervals.
Contact the office for full pricing
menu & to schedule a consultation.


Give your feet some relief.
Our therapist uses finger pressure
& techniques like kneading and rubbing to promote relaxation
& healing in the body
$30, 30-minute session

Full Body Steam

Another ancient therapy used all over the world in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, joint stiffness, and
muscle spasms. The deep heat helps
to relieve pain by causing the blood vessels to dilate, helping to reduce pain and speeding up healing.
$55, 30-minute session
$90, 60-minute session

Dermal Fillers

50% deposit of payment is required prior to appointment booking
Juvedrem, per syringe
Restylane, per syringe

Back Massage

The massage therapist will focus solely on the back for deep relaxation and stress relief, and will manipulate the fascia & muscles related to pain
(More massage types below)
$45, 30-minute session

Pain Point Injections

A procedure used to treat painful
areas of muscle that contain trigger points/knots that form when muscles do not relax. This may be an option
for treating some pain.
$121, 3 single injections

Swedish Massage

Considered the perfect balance of therapy and relaxation, Swedish massage is universally popular for
its gentle yet effective results and
benefits; aromatherapy optional
$85, 45-minute session

Hot Stone Massage

Relieve sore muscles and intensify
he restorative properties with this treatment. The heat from our hot stones helps release tension by relaxing the muscles, rendering your massage more effective. Heat also helps expand
the blood vessels so that blood can
better circulate through the lymphatic
system to remove toxins
$100, 45-minute session

Deep Tissue

A focused therapeutic massage targeting muscles knots (``adhesions``) and specific problem areas in deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Using deliberate, slow strokes or friction across the grain of the muscel, this therapy addresses chronic tight/painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural issues, or injuries
$55, 30-minute session

European Facial

This facial consists of steam,
extraction, mask, and massage;
may include aromatherapy oils
or facial cupping for rejuvenation
or microdermabrasion
$100, 50-minute session

Mole & Skin Tag

Mole removal
(3 per session, $30/session)

Skin tag removal
(1 per session, $30/session)

Mini European Facial

Basic facial consists of steam,
mask, and massage. Perfect to
add on to other services, or for
those short on time
$55, 30-minute session

Facial Acne

Consists of steam, extraction, microdermabrasion, and
massage; includes aromatherapy
oils, purifying mask
3 sessions, $90/each

Back Acne

Consists of steam, extraction, microdermabrasion, and
massage; includes aromatherapy
oils, purifying mask
3 sessions, $120/each

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Microblading $450.00

Microblading + shading $550.00

Mink Lash Extensions


Classic Full set $100.00 

Classic Refill $60.00



Blended full set $120.00

Blended Refill $80 


Volume full set $140.00

Volume Refill $80 

laser hair removal


Foot Scrub with Massage
$30, 30-minute session

Body Buffing $45

Requires Additional 30 Minutes
For This Service

Aromatherapy with Massage $12


Our goal is to make a connection with our clients. We specialize in the mental health profession, trust is very important to us because our clients
are like family. Alternative Help specializes in CBD

products that support individual needs.

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