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Jacqueline Small

Physician Assistant (PA) Jacqueline Small manages DRT Behavioral Services’ Wellness Program. She has a Master’s in Advanced Emergency/Family Medicine from AT Still Health University and is licensed with a national board certification.

PA Small has 17 years of experience in medical aesthetics dermatology and is a board-certified aesthetician specializing in Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, body works, & acne treatments. In addition, she is a board certified massage therapist, utilizing aromatherapy relaxation.

As a graduate of John Powell Modeling School, she obtained an A.S. in fashion design. She advises clients on positive self image and awareness, which helps in decreasing social anxiety and depression.


Paris Wimbley

Paris Wimbley is a Licensed PMU artist and Certified lash technician based in South Florida.  For the last 10 years Paris has also traveled internationally as a makeup artist for instances such as photo shoots and weddings.


Currently,  she works collaboratively with DRT services as a resident facialist  and PMU artist and also with Image1st Studio as a hair and makeup artist. 

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Louise Jackson


My name is Louise, The Brown Sugar Sugarista,  Florida Licensed Esthetician specializing and certified in the ancient hair removal called Sugaring. 


Sugaring is the New Wax! Sugar Paste is 100% natural (sugar, water & lemon). Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian form of hair removal. Sugar paste is not hot and is applied at room temperature. 


Enthusiastic sugaring educator for Caribbean Candy Sugar Paste and creator of the Studio L Sweet Mat. 


I am also a Florida Licensed Histotechnologist with over 15 years experience in histology combined in Dermatology and General Surgery.


So excited to bring sweet sugaring to DRT Wellness. .....


Schedule using this link:



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Duvonne Moore

In alignment with her background in art and cosmetology, our Certified ombré microshading (eyebrows) specialist, DuVonne T. Moore of Browveau, LLC, is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty while giving those who have experienced madarosis (eyebrow hair loss) the confidence to move through each day and night and any activity with beautiful brows.  She has a heart for helping others to not only look, but feel their best.

DuVonne also holds a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting and has produced content for the Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated radio segment, is a freelance editor (written works) and author-in-the-making – penning her story of a learned false identity and the journey to finding her true self. 

In addition to her collaboration with DRT Wellness Spa, she is also a seasoned actor (theater/film) and reemerging model with a goal of boosting body confidence within the plus-size community.

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Permanent Makeup | Microshading Specialist


Gerline Jean-Louis

My name is Gerline of SYNRG LLC.  I’m a Florida licensed esthetician and certified Acne Specialist. I’ve been in the industry 9 years now, with a focus on corrective skin treatments and makeup.


In the beginning, my clientele consisted of my friends and people they referred. Through this my passion of becoming a make-up artist heightened but knew that I needed formal training. Within three years of working at Sephora, I felt confident enough to become a professional make-up freelancer. Through continued research, I discovered the importance of having a license. After 16 months and 1200 hours, I completed the medical esthetician program. While the intention of me obtaining my license was to further my career as a makeup artist, I fell in love with skincare in the process.

Helping my clients achieve their beauty goals is something that I truly enjoy. Simply put when you feel good, I feel good.



Coach Simone Kelly

Coach Simone Kelly is a Reiki Master Teacher. Getting a Reiki session with her has amazing benefits for your well-being and health. Reiki is a non-invasive hands on healing technique that is based out of Japan.You will feel a profound sense of well-being and deep surrender, just like in meditation. Reiki always promotes very deep healing and clearing in all situations by raising the vibration of your cells and entire being. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. It helps relieve pain, releases muscle tension, improves bowel movements, and accelerates and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and improve energy levels. 

Reiki has now been adopted by the Western world and is utilized to treat ailments on the spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical planes. It also combines well with other healing methods to enhance results. NOTE: Reiki will not interfere with any medical treatment prescribed by your physician.


Learn more about Reiki by visiting here:

Book your Appointment at DRT Wellness Spa with Coach Simone at 404-465-4635

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